Every Little Bit Counts

Many people try to just jump into a new meal plan or, even worse, a fad diet. These are not the answers. In order to make a healthy lifestyle change, one must start making little changes in order to develop habits. This theory is backed by Kathy Freston’s book “The Lean Diet“. She shows her readers how to “lean” into being a vegan, but the main idea is to slowly make your life healthier. Start by drinking more water, incorporating more fruit instead of dessert, or even cutting down sodas per day little by little. If you cheat on your new way of living, don’t feel bad. Just make better choices next time. Feeling bad about consuming something you shouldn’t have can leave you going in a downward spiral of an eating binge.
So stay happy, because it’s healthy; and keep trying to change for the better-little by little.
Remember, you’re beautiful.



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