Good morning people!
I have yet to blog anything about beauty tips. So here we go…
I stumbled upon this very helpful video by a makeup artist on Pinterest. The makeup technique is for Highlighting and Contouring, also known as HaC. The technique gives a very natural look and an amazing glow. Don’t worry if you don’t have the same brushes or the same makeup items that she uses. You can almost always make anything work with out having to spend a fortune! I hope all of the ladies enjoy this one as much as I did.

Have a super sparkly day!



How to start your day!

One of the biggest downfalls for people whom are trying to make healthy lifestyle choices is the failure to plan ahead or to wake up just a little bit earlier to make sure they start out their day in their favor. Most people think that starting out their day in their favor is to hit the snooze button about 3-5 times so they get more sleep. In fact, you’re not getting good rest by doing this. Plan your meals the night before or wake up early enough to set yourself up for success! Morning coffee is not bad (as long as you are not having a little coffee with your creamer and sugar). You should eat small portions ever 3-4 hours. Another thing that is not very common is to have protein for breakfast. Yes, carb foods like oatmeal or cereal are known as “brain food,” but especially if you have to wait until the late afternoon to eat again, your glycemic index well plummet. By starting your day with carbs, yes you have quite a bit of hyper energy, but you will quickly decline come 11am-1pm (assuming one wakes up fairly early). So, start off the day with protein…a shake or maybe eggs. Yes, a protein shake sounds very boring but there are delicious recipes out there and they can be easy to grab and go if you make it the night before. Also, eat within about an hour of waking up. This is difficult for some people, as they are not hungry for awhile after waking up. Do this, and you will start to wake up your metabolism, which is very important (also why you should eat every few hours).

I hope this can help everyone start their day off on the right foot! Happy Thursday!



Every Little Bit Counts

Many people try to just jump into a new meal plan or, even worse, a fad diet. These are not the answers. In order to make a healthy lifestyle change, one must start making little changes in order to develop habits. This theory is backed by Kathy Freston’s book “The Lean Diet“. She shows her readers how to “lean” into being a vegan, but the main idea is to slowly make your life healthier. Start by drinking more water, incorporating more fruit instead of dessert, or even cutting down sodas per day little by little. If you cheat on your new way of living, don’t feel bad. Just make better choices next time. Feeling bad about consuming something you shouldn’t have can leave you going in a downward spiral of an eating binge.
So stay happy, because it’s healthy; and keep trying to change for the better-little by little.
Remember, you’re beautiful.


Your Journey Begins Now

As we approach the holidays, it feels like every diet attempt is a lost hope. This kind of thinking is the wrong notion we are putting forth. The thought that we should have is that every effort counts. Our good attempts weigh against our thrills of the holidays. Lets face it, how many times have you told yourself that when January first comes around that you are going to put your nose to the grindstone? That’s right, and where are you now? The best thing you can do is to start building good habits and not feel bad when you veer off every now and then…that’s every now and then. If you don’t know what “sporadic” is, google it. But the point is, start building good habits now. Your efforts are not in vain. Once you master those, attempt a new feat for yourself.

Stay posted for health and beauty tips. Stay positive; stay beautiful.